40 Best Free Clip Studio Paint Brushes

green and white leafed plantsDo you want to improve your digital drawings and paintings? Are you on the lookout for the best Clip Studio Paint free brushes? Do not worry as this post is all about the paintbrushes that you can use in Clip Studio Paint.

Brushes are said to be an important part of art whether it is traditional art or digital art. It allows an artist to express his/her ideas and emotions. No matter if you are drawing something or painting or inking on a canvas, you need to have the right set of brushes. In short, a brush is an essential tool for any artist.

But before getting a set of paintbrushes for Clip Studio Paint, let me explain what Clip Studio Paint is (in case you are new to Clip Studio Paint).

Clip Studio Paint is one of the popular drawing software that is a rebrand of Manga Studio. It is perfect for artists who love to draw and paint. Developed by Celsys, Japanese graphics Software Company, the brush feel of this software application is beyond any other graphics software.

It can be operated on Windows, Macs, and Android devices. There is a variety of drawing software available in the market but Clip Studio Paint competes directly with Adobe Photoshop and Corel and a lot more drawing applications.

If I talk about the Japanese market, Clip Studio Paint is the top painting and drawing software. If you have not used it, you should give it a try. Why? Because it is one of the most useful tools out there.

Other featured topics that will help you with painting:

What Clip Studio Paint Offers

There are a lot of artists who are creating artworks in Clip Studio Paint. It offers a variety of features. It has a powerful brush engine by which you can capture every detail and create every brush stroke that you want to create. Most artists have also released their own brushes in Clip Studio Paint.

The best thing is the paintbrushes are highly customizable and convenient to use. You can customize every aspect of the paintbrushes so you can get a brush to match your personal style. Thanks to the brushes of Manga Studio that they work quite well in Clip Studio Paint (CSP). So, if you see a brush set with a label of Manga Studio, do not worry, it will WORK!

This post is all about the brushes for Clip Studio Paint. Here, I have shared a list of 40 of the best Clip Studio Paint free brushes. These brushes may range from drawing or painting brushes to vegetation or inking brushes. All these types of brushes will definitely get your interest no matter what your drawing or painting style is. Are you ready to discover these top and best paintbrushes? Let’s take a start now with the list!

The first and foremost set of paintbrushes available for Clip Studio Paint is the Big Brush Set. It was originally designed for Manga Studio 5 but you can easily use it in Clip Studio Paint. Big Brush Set is packed with a variety of brushes including basic brushes, ink brushes, foliage, and a huge collection of old brushes.

Its basic set of drawing brushes includes cel, sketch pen, slanted, 5-line, block and blend, and Digi brush. With a set of ink brushes, you can get ink stroke, ink painting, and ink grit and with foliage, you can get foliage classic, foliage thin, foliage pointed, foliage round, barky, nitty-gritty, and wacky sponge brushes.

Moreover, some custom designs of old brushes include fake dry brush, Digi brush, angled line, fur, square scatter, square canvas effect, and much more.

This is a massive brush set with a size of 41 MB but do not get worried about the size.

Each brush of this set has a natural blending and drawing feel. In fact, the brig brush set is perfect for artists of all skill levels. Whether it is color mixing or applying paint over the canvas, this paint brushes set has got you covered.

Another free brush set for Clip Studio Paint is the Basic Brush Set, packed with a variety of brushes. The brushes in this set are similar to the ones used in Adobe Photoshop. So, if you are a digital illustrator and have practiced your art skills on Photoshop and now you have moved on to the Clip Studio Paint, it will not be difficult for you to use these brushes.

They behave just like Photoshop brushes. Moreover, the pencil brushes of this set are made with real drawing pencil texture. The Basic Brush Set includes:

Acrylic brush

Rough brush

Soft brush


Pencil HB

Rough spray




Bristle detail and texture

Each brush of this set can be customized and is available for free on Gumroad as well as Cuberush.

The next Clip Studio Paint free brushes is the Brush Set by Martinacecilia. It was developed by a user Martinacecilia. This brush set works for both Manga Studio and Clip Studio Paint. This is the reason that by using Brush Set by Martinacecilia, you can get the classic Manga Studio feels.

With this set of brushes, you can easily draw repeating textures including textile patterns, chain patterns, flowers, or other accessories – all with a single stroke. Each brush of this set can give you a feeling that you are painting with oil colors.

They are quite convenient to use as well. So, if you are a beginner in the field of digital painting, you can definitely use this set of brushes.

In short, this set of Clip Studio Paintbrush is one of the best brushes, highly recommended by the graphic designers. As they give a natural feeling of drawing, you should definitely give them a try!

Another brush pack for Clip Studio Paint is the CSP Brush Pack # 1. It includes a few brush styles from basic and grassy brushes to ground brushes. It also includes four foliage brushes as well.

Although this brush pack is small and contains a few brushes, all these brushes give a unique coloring effect, resulting in a natural result. All brushes are completely free of cost and can be downloaded at any time you need. If you have just begun to draw on a digital canvas, you can easily use this brush pack. In fact, it is worth testing out.

Here comes another powerful brush set known as Clip Studio Paint Lace Brushes. This is one of the high-quality sets of brushes you can get in Clip Studio Paint. These brushes are perfect to be used for drawing unique patterns for designing sofa cloths, curtains, bed sheets, towels, or any other fabric.

The author of this brush set has also explained the step-by-step procedure of its installation.

Want to draw simple to complex characters? Use Clip Studio Paint Brushes by iridescentdelirium. These brushes are perfect to be used whether you are a beginner or you want to be better at your drawing skills.

It is packed with a massive variety of brushes including variable sponge brushes, variable rectangle brushes as well as variable ink smudges. Whether you want to draw landscapes, seascapes or a scene at night, these brushes are perfect to be used.

Another set of brushes that may give you more control over your drawing and painting is Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack # 2. This brush pack comes with several brushes, for example, forest brush, tree brush, sparkle brush, treetop brush, and foliage brush.

As the name implies, all these brushes behave exactly like their names. For example, a tree brush is used to draw trees in your painting, a forest brush is used to draw a forest, and a sparkle brush is used to add a little sparkle to your paintings.

Whatever the type of brush is, they blend beautifully in a painting. So, you must give these a shot!

If you want to have a paintbrush-like feel, you must use Clip Studio Paint Brushed developed by DEA-89. This set of brushes include a great variety of brushes by which you can draw anything. From drawing skies and landscapes to adding crystal texture and ornament-like shapes, this brush set is for you.

This pack includes brushes for drawing background and clouds, basic shading, crystal texture, fire effects, standard chain, simple ornament, and water details. Believe me, this is definitely a pack worth-downloading.

One thing that you must keep in mind while using this set of brushes is that you must have some experience of using the default brushes of Clip Studio Paint. Why? Because at times, the brushes in this set become a bit tricky to use. To become a master of using brushes of this set, you must know how to use Clip Studio paintbrushes.

Want a set of brushes by which you can draw a variety of things? It is time to use SerketStalker’s Assorted Brushes. Packed with 18 powerful brushes, this set is a lot useful in whatever thing you draw.

Although it is a comprehensive set of brushes, all the brushes included in this set gives a natural painting feeling and are quite useful in drawing any scenario. Yes, you read it correctly!

By using this set of Clip Studio paintbrush, you can draw dots, lines, crystals, or have a spray like paint feeling on the canvas. Whether you have just begun to draw or you are an expert artist, you may use these brushes.

Manga Studio 5 Brushes is an old set of brushes but it works well in Clip Studio Paint. With these brushes, you can draw a variety of patterns of clouds. Want to know what this brush set has for you? You can get cloud blend, glitching, cloud detail, mine crafty, mine crafty 2, cloud layout, and cloud remake.

If you are looking for a big set of brushes that you may use in Clip Studio Paint, stop your search and start using DV Brush Set. Here is another pack of clip studio paint free brushes with powerful color and blending techniques and it is the DV Brush Set for Clip Studio Paint.

This is an amazing brush set that consists of five main categories with 17 brushes in each category. The fine main categories of brushes that DV Brush Set offers include:






The next paintbrushes for Clip Studio Paint in our list is Gouache Brushes. These brushes are an ideal option to use if you have already painted using gouache as a medium. Moreover, for those artists who have just stepped into the world of digital painting from traditional painting, this set works well for them. This pack included 10 brushes.

Most artists who convert from traditional drawing to digital drawing often are not happy with the results of digital brushes. For such people, this set of brushes is perfect. Each brush of this set blends color so smoothly that it feels like you are drawing and painting on a paper as you do in traditional art!

Another set of brushes you may use for Clip Studio Paint is Elisven Brushes. This set contains a great variety of brushes. Each brush can fit into any drawing project. Moreover, the brushes of this set are quite easy-to-use as well.

Although it contains only six brushes, what’s unique? It offers a variety of unique textures. In short, this set of brushes provides the best drawing experience!

It is another free brush set you may use for Clip Studio Paint. Packed with a lot of unique brushes like ball point pen, oily under sketch, verty gerty, softer round pen, custom G-pen, brekkfist club, palm key, and palm key light, this brush set gives a real drawing experience.

If you want to do calligraphy in Clip Studio Paint, TheInkyWinky brushes are for you. They are the best brushes to use if you want to experience calligraphy in digital art. Not only this, TheInkyWinky brush set also includes some general drawing brushes as well.

The best part? Its calligraphy brushes are so unique and versatile that I have never seen such types of brushes before that are also available free of cost for Clip Studio Paint.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to use TheInkyWinky Brushes!

Another set of brushes is Mama Madzia Brushes that offer beautiful blending and coloring effects. These include:


Natural Brush

Strong Blend

Textured Wet

Textured Dry

Perfect Oil Paint

Hairy brush and much more!

Another useful Clip Studio Paintbrush set is the Dry Brush Pack that includes a variety of dry brushes to add texture to your paintings.

Whether you are working on digital paintings or digital illustrations, the BrotherBaston Brush Pack is for you. Packed with a huge collection of pencil, pen and cloud brushes, you can get everything you want in paintings with this set of brushes.

If you are an artist and want to draw paintings in blue and red pencils, you should go for using the Blue and Red Pencil Brushes for Clip Studio Paint.

Another set of Clip Studio Paint brushes is Porforever’s Custom Brush Set. Each brush of this set may allow you to create drawings of the sea and marine life including fish, stars, water, bubbles, bushes, leaves, etc.

If you want to draw a side pencil sketch, this side pencil brush set for Clip Studio Paint is the best choice. Although it is only used for side pencil sketches, it works quite well.

It is packed with 20 brushes that you may use for Manga Studio as well as Clip Studio Paint. With these brushes, you can go for oil sketch, pencil sketch, ink paints, or watercolors. It is a simple set of brush that you can use in simple and general drawings.

If you are looking for a brush set that gives realistic results while drawing scenes of nature, YETTYYEN Brush Pack is for you.

The next clip studio paint free brushes in our list include Loose Inkers. If you want to practice digital inking, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert artist. You can use this set of the brush. It feels the same way as you are drawing on paper.

Escente Clip Studio Paint Brushes is another set of brushes you may use in Clip Studio Paint. It contains a diverse variety of brushes – each giving a different experience. Its brushes include pen, oil, clear, and acrylic.

If you are a beginner artist and want to get started with the Clip Studio Paint, Essential CSP by hattersarts is a brush set you should use. It does not mean the professionals or expert artists cannot use this set. It includes many brushes that are not only easy to use but gives smooth drawing and sketching texture similar to the experience that you can get with the premium set of brushes.

Although this set does not contain a lot of brushes, each brush it provides gives you a basic start for drawing in Clip Studio Paint. What this brush pack offers:

Textured Sketch

Flat as Fork

Smooth Sketch

Basic Bench

Basic Bench but Textured

Another interesting yet useful inking brush set is Velda’s Inking Brushes. It is available in free and paid versions.

This free sample pack is specifically designed for drawing in Clip Studio Paint. All brushes of this pack can be used at any stage of drawing in CSP.

Shrineheart’s Mega Pack is, indeed, a mega pack of brushes. It contains more than 1400 paint brushes. From color mixing to applying paint, this set of brushes has got it covered!

This is another free brush set that you may use for drawing and sketching in Clip Studio Paint.

This brush set is one of those sets by which you can get a realistic drawing feel if you are working in a fantasy domain. Plus, it is much easier to use if you are switching from traditional media to digital drawing media.

As the name implies, the Landscape Texture Brush Pack is used to draw landscapes including clouds, mountains, water, sea, plants, shrubs, and a lot more things that you want to draw in your landscape paintings.

This is another brush set that you may use for Clip Studio Paint. Its free and paid versions are available.

Ink for CSP is another set of brushes that is available free of cost. You can use this set for manga Studio as well as Clip Studio Paint to add an ink effect in your paintings.

With the Zkoyllar Brush Pack, you can get a combination of brushes – each with basic and advanced texture effects.

If you want to have a feeling of real watercolor in digital paintings, you must get the New Watercolor Set. It comes with amazing transparency and color blending effects.

This set of brushes will surely give an unrivaled painting experience. Each brush of this set gives a wonderful drawing experience.

Believe me, you will get fantastic results using this set of Nesskain Clip Studio paint Brushes.

This is originally a brush set for Manga Studio but it works quite well in Clip Studio Paint and a lot of artists are using this set of brushes in their digital drawings.

Kakeami Brushes is another set of CSP brushes that will definitely provide the best drawing experience. By using this set of Clip Studio Paint brushes, you can get realistic blending not often found in digital software applications.

Available in both free and premium versions, this set of brushes will definitely give you a natural result!

This set of brushes is packed with a variety of brushes that give unique pastel effects to your paintings. It is available in both free and premium versions.


Clip Studio Paint, earlier known as Manga Studio, is one of the most useful graphics software used by many Manga and Anime designers. It is not only easy to use but its brushes are the most flexible ones as compared to the brushes of the modern painting and drawing software. The way its brushes blend colors is just fantastic.

It is packed with useful tools that may allow you to save time, ultimately allowing you to focus on the fun of creating something new and unique.

The above-mentioned brushes are the top best Clip Studio Paint free brushes. After testing most of these brushes, the possibilities of each brush are just incredible.

Every brush set is so organic that at times you will get non-planned results, resulting in the final image. You will surely find these paint brushes useful for you to use in Clip Studio Paint no matter what type of artwork you are making. They will provide the best drawing experience.

Before using these brushes, make sure that you have learned several methods and painting techniques used in Clip Studio Paint.

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