5 Best Colors That Go Well With Teal

green and white leafed plantsTeal is a popular color and for good reason. It lends a tranquil and healing feeling, while also providing a bold and punchier contrast to other shades and colors within the spectrum. As such, many people have become more interested in exploring this color and incorporating it into their homes and even wardrobes.

However, because of its standout hue, there are some who feel hesitant about introducing this color. What’s great is that there are various colors that work wonderfully with teal—you just have to know what they are and let these combinations work to your advantage.

Get to Know the Psychology Behind the Color

Teal is a color that lands right between blue and green. It is typically achieved by combining blue and green with a white base. Darker shades of teal can be achieved by adding more gray, while those who want a lighter shade can easily mix it with white.

Teal imparts a sense of tranquility and peace from its blue color, while its green hue provides a sense of optimism and vibrant energy. As a more muted yet bold color, it is easy on the eyes, making it great for achieving mental and spiritual acuity.

While teal may be an unconventional color for some, people who are attracted to this color are said to value individuality and embrace their uniqueness. They are also said to be creative and open-minded. In general, people who like teal are thought to have a bright and thoughtful disposition with a mild temper.

Best Colors That Go With Teal

Now that you have a better understanding of what the color teal is, getting to know the different colors it pairs with is essential. Below are some of these colors and pairings you can see and use for yourself.

1. Teal and White

You cannot go wrong with a classic pairing of white and teal. After all, white just goes well with everything. For those who simply want a pop of color, adding teal accessories or accents can make a space look drastically different.

White and teal make for a refreshing and relaxing combination. This combination is easy on the eyes and can be incorporated anywhere from homes to clothing.

2. Teal and Beige

For those who want to temper the bold hue of teal, opting for a beige counterpart will certainly tie in all the details. Think nautical with a twist.

Those who are afraid of introducing color into their homes can start with a neutral base of beige and add hints of teal to add pizzazz to any room.

3. Teal and Gold

Take elegance and regality up a notch by pairing teal with gold. The sophisticated hue of gold achieves a truly chic and elevated appearance that is undoubtedly modern. Both rich and inviting, it is hard to get this combination wrong.

To use teal and gold together in your interiors, consider pairing gold accents and furniture to predominantly teal pieces. Take, for example, a teal-colored bathroom. The color would pop and be more eye-catching when gold accents are used for the mirror, the legs of the sink, and the like.

4. Teal and Orange

On the color wheel, blue and orange are on the opposite ends of each other. Because of this, they are complementary colors. As teal comes with a mix of blue and green, it makes sense to throw these two together to add a unique sense of energy and vibrancy to any room.

Orange, whether it be burnt orange, sienna, brick, or others within the spectrum, works beautifully to add depth and dimension. Orange can be used as accents in a monochromatic teal room through rugs and throw pillows. This pairing can also work by putting orange furniture against smaller accents such as orange lamps and throw blankets.

Burnt orange, brick, sienna, and other darker colors can also elevate the space to have a more mature and masculine vibe. In this case, the use of teal against these darker shades of orange can help lift the ‘heaviness’ that these colors bring.

5. Teal and Pink

Are you a touch whimsical and eclectic? Pink and teal are surely your best bets for achieving this look. Not only is it romantic, the pink and teal combo also makes for a vibrant and energizing room that works because of the bold, bright colors.

Show your personality by using these in your home. For those who want a more muted pairing, opting for light pinks and teal can read more feminine and sophisticated. When placed against whites and neutrals, this combination can come out well-balanced, serene, and feel just like a dream come true.

The Bottom Line

Teal is definitely a great color to use alongside these other hues. With its versatility, it can work with bold hues, pastel tones, and even neutrals—taking on a whole new life of its own. Don’t be afraid to experiment and put these ideas together to show your aesthetic and personality.

Hope this article about what colors go well with teal has helped.

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