5 Best Pencil Sharpeners for Artists

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Pencil sharpeners are an important part of the toolkit for artists who use pencils frequently. The list contains only those that are portable and easy to take on the go – as I believe portability is important for artists – especially those traveling and working out in the field. So here is my list of the 5 best pencils sharpeners – including my personal favorite at number 5!

List of the 5 best pencil sharpeners

I love Faber Castell! The first real pencil set I ever got as a child was by Faber Castell. While I might have a slight sentimental attachment to the brand their products including their pencil sharpeners are excellent. They specialize in making pencils, so they know a thing or two about how to sharpen them. This one is great as it allows you to sharpen three different sized pencils and has plenty of space for pencil shavings while still being small enough and portable.

Here is another Faber Castell pencil sharpener – also wonderful just with a different more compact design. This one allows two different sized pencils to be sharpened. You slide out the case for use.

Here is one that I have not personally used but has received good reviews and think could be a terrific pencil sharpener for those wanting to sharpen their pencils to different points. This one allows you to adjust your pencil point length from stubby to extra long. You can control the intensity of your line allowing you to shade exactly the way you want. Use the dial numbers to adjust the length of your sharpened point!

Staedtler is another solid brand when it comes to pencil sharpeners. This one has plenty of space allowing for pencil shavings and sharpen two different sized pencils. Comes with a cover so you will be sure that no pencil shavings will fall out when the cover is on!

I owned this pencil sharpener for a long time until I sadly lost mine. It worked like a dream and was small and portable making it easy to take along with my pencil sketching supplies. Due to its unique design I would receive many compliments on it! The only down side to this one might be that because of its small size it does not hold a lot of pencil shavings – so you would just need to empty it frequently depending on your amount of use.

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