Alex Harris Lost His Golden Parachute and Turned His Misfortune into a Lifestyle Business

green and white leafed plantsMAP 002: Alex Harris Lost His Golden Parachute and Turned His Misfortune into a Lifestyle Business

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Imagine that you have been working at a corporate company for over 11 years and you have put all your retirement savings and plans into this nest egg… and then one day it’s all gone. Unfortunately, this has happens to people all the time when a company goes bankrupt, gets acquired by another company, the economy goes into a recession, or the stock market crashes. So what do you do? Do you give up? Or do you rebuild and take your life and career into your own hands?!

Episode Featured Guest: Alex Harris

“Alex Harris” is a Conversion Optimization expert who was stuck in the same situation that I described above. However, instead of giving up Alex worked hard to rebuild his career and created a lifestyle business online. Now he controls his own destiny and sets his own hours. Alex shares how he has taken his expertise with web design and conversion optimization and turned it into a full-time online business. Alex is a web designer, blogger, optimization coach and podcaster.

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:

How to make money online by providing free services to industry leaders

How to overcome your fears of self-doubt and breakthrough to success

What life-changing advice Gary Vaynerchuk provided that was a pivotal moment

How to drive more traffic to your website by defining your niche

How to promote yourself with content marketing techniques

How to convert visitors into paying customers with conversion optimization

Quantitative and qualitative conversion marketing tools and resources

How to grow your online business faster than ever before

How to use web analytics and data to predict future outcomes of your business

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show: – Alex Harris’s Conversion Marketing Website – Alex’s Conversion Optimization Podcast

Google Analytics – Google’s website tracking and data analysis tool

Kissmetrics – Customer Intelligence and Web Analytics

Survey Monkey- Online Survey & Questionnaire Software program

Qualaroo – Behavior Insight Surveys for A/B Testing

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