Best Podcast Equipment Starter Package (Video 1 of 3)

green and white leafed plantsBest Podcast Equipment Starter Package (Video 1 of 3)

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Best Podcast Equipment Starter Package (Video 1 of 3)

Do you want to start podcasting, but you’re on a limited budget? You can start podcasting with this affordable podcast equipment package that costs about $100. I share with you my recommendation for the best headphone and microphone set that will give you a quality sound without breaking the bank.

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Video Transcript:

Hey Guys Anthony Tran here from the Marketing Access Pass podcast. On behalf of BuzzSprout I’m excited to show you some equipment recommendations to help you start podcasting.

I often get asked, “how do I start a podcast?” and more specifically “What equipment should I buy if I’m on a limited budget but want a quality sound?”

This is video 1 of a 3 part series where I share with you my equipment recommendations to start podcasting

In this video I’m going to share with you how YOU can start a quality sounding podcast for around $100 so let’s get started.

The basic equipment you will need to start a podcast is a quality Headset and a microphone.

Now there are many options out there for headset and microphones, but after extensive research here are the best headset and microphone combo that you can buy on a budget.

First, let’s talk about the headset.

This is the Audio Technica ATH-M20X which is the entry level professional headphones from the popular M-Series.

What makes this headphone so great is it’s modern design and high-quality material. The headphones visually look stunning. It’s got a really sleek design with a black matte finish.

The headphones fit comfortably over your ears and its got a nice foam cushion which really allows you to wear the headset for hours without any problems.

The contoured earcups seal tight for excellent sound isolation, so you can block out all distractions while recording and editing your podcast.

These headphones are also flexible and don’t pinch on the head unlike some headphones I’ve tried.

As you can see right here the headphones are completely adjustable to fit your headsize. It also comes with a durable cable that has an adapter to fit your headphone jack.

The reason why you want quality headphones when recording podcasts is you want to be able to hear all the audio details to include background noise, hissing, echoes, buzzing, etc.

One of the keys to having a great podcast that people want to listen to have overall great sound quality. So by listening to your recording with these enhanced audio headphones you’ll be able to detect any problems right away.

Next, let’s talk about your microphone.

The microphone I have here is the ATR2100-USB microphone. Now I believe this is the BEST microphone that you can buy for the price.

It’s a Cardioid Dynamic microphone. This type of microphone naturally filters out background noise and isolates the speakers voice during recording. Which is why this is perfect for podcasting and home studio recording.

This thing is built really durable and can take a good beating.

This microphone also is compatible with a USB input or an XLR input.

So if you’re traveling then this microphone is great because you can plug into your laptop and start recording.

But, it’s also versatile if you want to plug this mic into a mixer that requires an XLR cable.

This also has a headphone jack so you can listen to your audio levels directly from the microphone. There is also a headphone volume conveniently placed on the mic.

This microphone is also compatible with Windows or Mac and recording software programs like Audacity, Garage Band, Skype and more.

The microphone also comes with a tripod desk stand with folding legs. So it has a small footprint on your desk and easily stores away.

This microphone package also comes with a foam ball which protects your mic against wind interference and “singer’ spit”

So to give you an idea of the difference in sound quality. Here is my voice recording using only my built-in computer microphone.

Here is a sample of me speaking into the microphone and as you can hear it has a nice rich, deep sound that eliminates a hollow echo sound.

So as you can see you can have professional quality audio sound for your podcast studio for a reasonable price. It’s really easy to use and was basically plug and play.

Alright hope you enjoyed this first video of the podcast equipment series.

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