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green and white leafed plantsHave you been blogging for a while? Do you want more traffic to your blog? In this episode, I interview a web marketing expert who shares her strategies on how to generate more traffic to your website. Check out this episode to learn more.

Episode Featured Guest: Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson is the founder of She is an online web strategy expert who has a proven record of success for the past 10 years. She ran a successful web development company called “Web Impakt” where she has helped countless clients grow their business utilizing internet marketing strategies to produce results. She’s been featured on Target Marketing, Stick Like Glue Radio, the Coach Zing Show, Womenpreneur Podcast and more.

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:

Why blogging is an important aspect of your business livelihood

How to generate more traffic to your website with content marketing

Ways to do keyword research and competition analysis

How to get more likes and shares with your blog content

How to network with other bloggers and create a tribe community

Ways to generate more traffic and leads without breaking the bank

How to do Facebook Marketing to get more email subscribers

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show: – Lindsey’s blog and personal website– Lindsey’s Traffic and Leads Services website

Keyword Planner– Google Keyword Planner

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