Bootstrap Your Online Product for Profit with Primoz Bozic

green and white leafed plantsBootstrap Your Online Product for Profit with Primoz Bozic

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Does spending more money on your online business equate to making money online? Is there a way to “bootstrap” an online business and sell products online? We answer those questions and more in this interview with Primoz Bozic. If you’re looking for ways to start your business on a budget, but make thousands of dollars online then this interview is a must listen for you.

Episode Featured Guest: Primoz Bozic

Primoz Bozic, founder of Skyrocket Your Productivity. He helps location independent entreprenreurs and employees create systems in their life and work so they can earn more money, and work less and spend more time on things that are really important to us. He has been seen on the Lifestyle Architect Show, The Branding Summit, Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch Course, and Business Insider.

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:

How investing in online course can accelerate the results of your business

How you can create passive income to create a freedom lifestyle

Why having too many social media platforms can hurt your startup

Why focusing on building your email list is the most important thing

Where you should place your opt-in forms on your website

How to create content that will make people want to buy from you

How to not lose motivation in your business and stay productive

What tools you can use to create your online product on a budget

Why creating a product right from the start is a great idea

How to make money online with a small an email list

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show: – Primoz Bozic’s Website – Ramit Sethi’s Website – Optin Feature Box – Email Optin Tools – Video Conferencing Software

Google Drive – Cloud Storage and File Backup

Wishlist Member – Membership Site Plugin – Email Autoresponder System

Genesis – Premium Website Templates

Infusionsoft – Small Business Marketing Software – Membership Site Plugin

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