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green and white leafed plantsName of Lesson: “ Color Theory Object Painting” Color is one of the funtamental elements of art. It is important for art students to not only be exposed to color theory, but to understand it. This lesson is designed to help beginning artists grasp the concepts of color theory and color schemes. This lesson is appropriate for level one high school students or middle school students. Class Level: Art 1 Overview and Purpose: To expose students to the element of art, color. To teach students the principles of color theory and practice.. NC Art Standards Addressed: Goals 1.07, 2.01, 2.02, 3.01 Materials:tempera paint, gray drawing paper, graphite pencils, objects of students choosing Objectives: The student will learn the concept of color. The student will learn the concept of color theory. The student will learn the concept of color schemes. The student will learn how to effectively use the color wheel. Delivery of info: The teacher will present the concepts of color theory including the color wheel, color values, and color schemes. Students will paint a color wheel, and complete color theory worksheets. The teacher will then introduce the assignment. Guided Practice: Students will bring in objects that they would like to use in their artwork. If the student fails to bring in objects, the teacher may choose to assign objects to students. The student will draw the object from observation. The teacher should encourage the student to draw the object from many different angles and try to create the illusion of space on the surface. The student will then divide the paper into three sections. The student will then paint the different sections with a different color scheme of their choosing. The teacher should encourage the students to use a full range of value in their artwork. When finished, the student should write the specific name of the color scheme (monochromatic, analogous, etc.) used on the back of the paper. Review: Line, shape, value Estimated Duration: 10 Days Important Resources

The Interactive Color Wheel

Color Theory

Color Wheel Chart for Teachers- Includes Worksheets Video Resources

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