D. Mills Jazz Website Design

green and white leafed plantsPROJECT OVERVIEW

“D.Mills Jazz” is a professional jazz artist, producer, and song writer. D.Mills approached Marketing Access Pass to create a custom branded website. He needed a brand new website built from the ground-up. D.Mills already had a loyal fan following on social media and radio media. Unfortunately, he did not have a “homebase” to drive traffic to and generate more album sales. He also needed a website that could showcase his upcoming event and touring schedule.


We created a website that focused on D.Mills personal brand and his music. We added an MP3 player on his homepage to showcase his music and hit singles. We integrated samples of his music and music videos to display his music artistry. We integrated e-commerce capability using GumRoad so that we can make direct sales from his website versus relying on iTunes and other music sales websites. We built the new website utilizing WordPress and Parallax technology. The website redesign now showcases d.Mills Jazz’s albums, singles, music videos and events.

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