Draw a Cat in a Box in Quick and Easy Steps

green and white leafed plantsDid you ever think that learning how to draw a cat in a box would be so easy?

Follow this incredibly easy step by step to draw this cute kitten in a matter of minutes.

At the end of this you’ll have a delightful surprise peaking outside a box.

Let’s get started!

Drawing Supplies Needed

You can use any drawing supplies to draw a cat in a box, but here are the best tools for drawing.

Step 1: Drawing the box Let’s start with a box, but we’re going to be using perspective so it won’t be a simple square. Draw a diamond on its side.

Step 2: Draw ends of the box At the ends of the bottom 3 points, extend a line downward. Make sure the outer two lines are angled inward just a little bit.

Step 3: Draw line to connect points Draw a horizontal line to connect the points together.

Step 4: Sketch flaps of box Now, back to where the diamond peaks on the bottom 2 sides (3 corners) create small lines facing left on one side and right on the other. We are going to map out the flaps of the box!

Step 5: Connect short lines with horizontal lines Connect those shorter lines with a horizontal line as we did for the main panels of the box.

Step 6: Erase overlapping lines Erase the overlapping lines.

Step 7: Sketch circle for head of the cat At the left side of the box create a circle so the bottom 1/3 of the circle is inside the box, and the rest is outside of it.

Step 8: Erase overlapping lines Erase the overlapping line.

Step 9: Sketch the cat’s body Now we’re going to map out the cat’s body. From the back of the circle we’ll make a squiggling line that gets wider at the back, and for the front of the circle just a small curved line downwards.

Step 10: Draw ears Time for ears! Place two soft triangles at the top of the circle.

Step 11: Define the cheeks Let’s define those cheeks! On the side of the circle, extend the width just a bit before coming inwards and slightly up. This step should have your cat starting to look like it has mutton chops!

Step 12: Erase Erase the remnants of the circle.

Step 13: Draw the tail Let’s add the tail! The tail will be going over the box so mark out a snake like shape going down the right front side of the box, getting wider at the base.

Step 14: Sketch the eyes Let’s add some almond shaped eyes and a heart shaped little black nose on the face, leaving room for the mouth!

Step 15: Draw the mouth From the tip of the heart nose create a very round “w” shape with the top curving towards the nose, then in the space underneath the bowls of the “w” shape, add a U shape for the chin.

Step 16: Doodle the whiskers Add some whiskers! 3 on each side will be enough.

Step 17: Sketch in the pupil for the eye In the center of the almond shapes create a circle with a line in the middle for the eyes. Then, erase the lines of the box from inside the tail we made earlier

Step 18: Add shadow Add a shadow and some color to the cat and you’re done!

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Now, you know how to doodle a cat in this easy step by step and draw a box easily.

I’d like to thank Carolyn for sharing her process. Be sure to check out her social @ClazDesign if you enjoyed her illustrations. She also has some amazing prints and illustrations available in her shop.

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