Drawing Hands with Basic Shapes- 12 Hands

green and white leafed plantsDrawing Hands with Shapes

Once you know the basics of drawing with shapes, drawing hands becomes easy. In fact, it’s easy to draw anything that you want when you break it down into basic shapes.

Many people will do anything to avoid drawing hands. Often times, they will draw the hands in pockets, just to avoid drawing them. When you break the hand down into basic shapes and draw the shapes that you see, drawing hands becomes easy.

In fact, I draw hands all of the time just to practice. They are great to practice your drawing skills. They are always with you so you’ll always have a live model. Drawing hands is challenging and drawing anything challenging will make you better at drawing.

So draw as many hands as possible. Don’t avoid them! For more on how to draw hands check this out-> How to Draw Hands

Drawing Hands Video-12 Hands in 3.5 Minutes…

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