Getting Started with Marketing on Reddit

green and white leafed plantsGetting Started with Marketing on Reddit

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**This is a Guest Blog Post from Paul DiGiovanni from

As a marketer it is important to pay attention to every conversation related to your brand. Since reddit is being used by millions of people every day to discuss almost anything, you should have a basic understanding of the platform so you can identify opportunities to contribute and enhance those conversations.

We have seen lots of other companies engaging reddit to discuss their products and communicate with fans. Here are a few examples:

GoPro has fostered the growth of their subreddit community to over 30,000 subscribers. Over 35 submissions are made to this subreddit per day and they are all focused on GoPro and their products. (See article – Building Valuable Communities Learn From GoPro)

An ad by Haworth Inc. received over 500 comments and thousands of views (See article –

The Los Angeles Fire Department have used their own subreddit to build an audience of 1,300 subscribers. Their 9th reddit birthday post received over 3,000 views, 300 comments, and received national attention. (See post here – On Our 9th Reddit Birthday)

The marketing opportunities are plentiful with Reddit but you have to approach reddit in the right way. We have seen articles that show marketers how to quickly gain traffic from Reddit with minimal effort. Our approach to marketing on reddit is different. We believe in a longer term philosophy that starts with learning the Reddit platform and becoming a contributing member of the community.

After you build a solid foundation and understanding of reddit, there are numerous options to leverage the community to further serve your marketing goals. These options include AMAs (Ask Me Anything), advertising, subreddit community development and more.

Use this article to get started with the basics and learn the authentic approach to Reddit that will help you achieve long-term success.

How does reddit work?

Reddit is a community of millions of users who discuss and share almost everything. Users start discussions on reddit by submitting “posts”, which come in two forms: link posts and text posts.

A link post links to another post on reddit or any page on the web.

A text post (aka ‘self post’) enables any redditor to share a body of text on reddit.

Both link and text posts have a comments section where other users can discuss the post.


All posts are submitted to niche-based communities on reddit called subreddits. There are thousands of subreddits on almost every topic you can imagine. Users control what content they see on their home page by subscribing to subreddits that interest them.


Posts are voted “up” and “down” by redditors in the subreddit. Posts that receive the most “upvotes” rise to the top of the page and thus are more visible to other users. Posts that received more “downvotes” fall and are never seen by most redditors.

The up/down voting differentiates reddit from discussion forums and social media because it allows the community to self-filter content and comments.

How to sign-up and create a username

Before you can participate in voting, commenting and submitting on reddit, you need to register your own user account.

Creating a username on reddit is easy. Go to and navigate to “create an account” in the top right corner of the page. This will open a window where you will choose a username, password, and enter your email address.

Choosing the right username is important but don’t stress over it too much.

You can easily create new accounts when necessary. We recommend creating a personal account first to learn the ropes. Then you can create accounts for marketing activities. A good username should include the name of your company and a personal identifier, like ‘Nike_CEO’ or ‘AppleSteve’.

How to find your audience on Reddit

After creating a username you need to find subreddits that are related to your business and industry. Every new users is automatically subscribed to a default list of subreddits. You can unsubscribe from unrelated subreddits by logging in and visiting You can also search for new subreddits on this page by entering keywords in the search box.

After you customize your subreddit subscriptions, your front page will display top submissions from your curated list of subreddits. We advise everyone to customize their subreddit subscriptions because off-topic subreddits can waste hours of your time (trust us, we’ve been there).

Commenting on Reddit

Commenting is a great way to start engaging other redditors. Read submissions by other users and contribute to conversations. Maybe you can answer a question, add clarity to another response, ask a follow-up question, or add value however you can.

Read through the existing comments before adding your comment to make sure you are not repeating another user’s response. Reading other comments will also uncover opportunities to join the conversation with commenters instead of just replying to the original post.

Making Your First Submission

After you get to know your subreddits and learn how to comment, you can consider making your first post on reddit. The first step is identifying what you want to share. Do you know of a great blog post that a particular subreddit would love? Maybe you want to pose a question to a subreddit for feedback. We recommend making your first few submissions non-promotional. Share someone else’s article or submit a genuine text post.

After you have made a few submissions and gain more experience in your subreddits, you will be able to identify the opportunities to share your own content. Be cautious with promoting your own content. Only post links to your own website or content when it is highly relevant.

What’s Next?

Once you have mastered the basics of reddit and started contributing to the community, you can explore more advanced marketing tactics. Reddit Advertising, AMAs, and subreddit development are all methods that can have immeasurable returns if executed properly.

For a more comprehensive version of this article and detailed how-to’s, read The Beginners Guide to reddit (for marketers).

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