Google Keyword Planner Can Help You Do Market Research

green and white leafed plantsGoogle Keyword Planner Can Help You Market Research

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Keyword Planner Training Video Transcript:

Hi, in this video I’m going to show you on how to do some market research using Google Keyword Planner and its free tools online. So, one of the first things you want to do is you want to research about the information, service, or product you’re going to provide and verify it is something that people are looking for online. So obviously, majority of the people of the world use Google to do research.

In this particular example, I’m going to use marketing consultant as my research or my niche. So, I’m typing “marketing consultant” in Google and these are the results that showed up. As you can see right here, the top three results say advertisement. And on the right hand side there are lots of advertisements as well. So for me, that’s the first good indicator that “YES” there’s a lot of businesses that are willing to pay money to get advertisement on Google because they want to get ranked so they can market or sell their product or service. That’s a very good indicator that this is a good niche to get into.

The other thing is, you have about ninety three million (93,000,000) search results right here. That means there’s a lot of other businesses and websites that are writing a lot of product and information about this particular niche. That is also a very good indicator because in the online world you want to build relationships and partnerships with other companies that you can provide other products or services that might be aligned with your niche.

The other tool that I wanted to show you is KEYWORD PLANNER. And, we’re going to type in “KEYWORD PLANNER”, and this is the tool that Google provides. And basically, the first result should be Google Adwords Keyword Planner. You’re going to click on that.

Now we’re going to log in and if you don’t have a login, you can basically create one. All right, so now you’re logged in, this is the screen you need to see. In the event that you don’t see this screen, I want you to go in the navigation, and click and highlight “Tools and Analysis” and you just select the Keyword Planner. For this particular case we are already here, next they ask you “What would you like to do?”.

The first thing you want to do is to “Search for new keyword and Ad Group Ideas.” So I’m going to click on that, basically you need to type in like I did before whatever product, service or niche that you’re trying to research. In this particular case, I will write/type in “Marketing Consultant”. And, I can change my target. So in this particular case, there’s a preset for United States and in English. But if you happen to be from another country or you want to target another country, you can change those filters using this pencil button. So you can add or remove countries based on that. You can change the language grammar using that as well. In this particular case, everything looks good so I’m going to click “GET IDEAS”.

Once you get on this screen, you want to basically go to the tab that says “Keyword Ideas” and click on that. So once I get here, this is basically Google’s database information. Like, for people who are typing in the search box Marketing Consultant. It shows right here that about two thousand nine hundred people (2,900) in the United States that are typing in Marketing Consultant. And this data basically comes from the past twelve months of data. And if you have hover this little graph chart, it will show you where they get those results.

So, let’s say in June, there are about twenty four hundred visitors in a month from Marketing Consultant. And in July there is about three thousand. One key takeaway from all of this is you can see that this is a very consistent month to month type of industry. There’s some industries out there that are very seasonal based. For example, “Christmas trees” ; obviously there going to have a huge spike in searches in November and December, but not so much in June or July. So that will help you determine if your business is seasonal based or if it’s going to be something very consistent year round.

One question I get a lot is, people wonder what does the “HIGH” mean. Why does it say “HIGH” competition? Is this something I should be worried about? That “competition” is basically the competition level for advertisers. People who want to spend money for this advertisement are spending an average of about nine dollars and eight cents ($9.08). That’s why the composition level is so high. But as I have mentioned before, the higher the level of competition is not a bad thing, it could just mean that “Hey! this is a very profitable business niche and it’s something that you may consider getting into”.

Now, just because you may get some results that don’t show up with a lot go high results. Keep searching. Try different variations of the keywords because you might get different results. For example, if I had typed in the word “Marketing Consulting” let’s see what I get. “Marketing Consulting” only shows up eight hundred eighty searches a month. So if I had searched that in the beginning, I might had assumed that this is not a good business niche because it only has eight hundred searches here. So, don’t always go after the first result. Play around with the word variations as you will get different level of traffic. I hope this video helps you learn how to do little bit of market research with Google Keyword Planner. Alright guys, have a great day!

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