Google Trends Unlocks Important Data About Your Target Market

green and white leafed plantsGoogle Trends Unlocks Important Data About Your Target Market

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Don’t go into your business blind… Use Google Trends. With the power of Google Trends you can do some research to unlock some valuable information about your niche and target market. Doing the proper target market research can save you time, money and frustration. When you are creating your business plan you want to ask yourself some key questions:

Is my industry trending up or down?

Where is my target market located?

What other hot topics are related in my industry?

What are people searching for?

These questions are all very important because if you don’t do the proper research you could be working hard to build a business that leads into a dead end. I made this mistake when I first started online. My very first website blog that I created was about the Amazon Kindle Reader. I spent months building a website about the Kindle Reader, but the problem was I didn’t do any research before I began. I was building a business blindly with no direction. I didn’t know who my target audience was, where they were located, what they were really searching for etc. Google Trends Unlocks Important Data About Your Target Market.

The History of Google Trends

Google had two research tools: Google Insights and Google Trends. Google Insights was a service provided by Google. Google Insights provided visual graphs showing regional interest on a country map. Google Insights also shared top searches and rising search data to help with keyword research. Google Trends provided the service of mapping historical search volume data. This information allowed people to see search result volumes on a data graph starting from 2004. In 2012, Google decided to merge the two tools “Google Insights” and “Google Trends” into one platform. The combined platform remains to be called “Google Trends.”

How to Use Google Trends for Research

Step 1: Visit website address

You can access the Google Trends website for free. They don’t require a login or password.

Step 2: Enter Your Search Topic in The Box

I suggest starting off with a broad topic and then narrow down your niche as you go along. For example, I started with “Marketing Consultant” as my broad topic. I discovered that people were searching for “Marketing Consultant Jobs” so narrowed down my search topic with “Marketing Consultant Jobs” and then “Marketing Consultant Jobs in California.” This helped provide me a big picture perspective, but also helped me focus on a specific topic within my industry.

Step 3: Analyze the Graph for Trends

You want to use this graph to identify if your market is trending up or down. However, don’t use the first search result as the only validation. Use different variations of your search word to get a better perspective. For example, I searched two words “Marketing Consultant” and “Marketing Consulting” the results were very different.

Step 4: Use the Map To Identify Where People Are Searching From

The regional map in Google Trends can provide some valuable data. With this information you can identify where people are searching from around the world. This can help you determine where your target market is located. You can also filter search by country, state, and even city.

Step 5: Use Google Trends Related Search

Use the related search information to identify other topics or keywords in your niche that are growing in popularity. This can help you identify some products or services related to your niche.

Google Trends is free and can provide you some valuable information when performing market research. So don’t go into your business blindly. Take some time to do some adequate research to understand your industry and target market. You can also watch the step-by-step video tutorial where I show you how to use Google Trends to do market resesarch.

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