How I Increased Etsy Traffic from 200 to 10,000 Per Month

green and white leafed plantsCASE STUDY: How I Increased Etsy Traffic from 200 to 10,000 Per Month

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Are you trying to sell products online? Do you want to get in front of an audience that is happily spending money? Etsy is a great marketplace to sell and buy products online. Etsy currently has over 1.4 million active sellers and more importantly they have 20.8 million active buyers.

The question you’re probably asking is “how do I get my Etsy Shop in front of those 20 millions buyers?” In this case study I want to share with you how I increased an Etsy shop traffic from 200 visitors a month to over 10,000 per month.

Here are the exact steps I took to crack the code on organic traffic generation on Etsy.

4 Steps to Drive More Traffic to Your Etsy Shop

Step 1: Understand that Etsy is a Search Engine

Google is the #1 search engine in the world. You simply type in the search box and relevant websites display your results. The top ranked websites on the 1st page generate majority of the traffic on the web. Google’s determining ranking factors are heavily impacted by the keywords you use within your content.

I realized that Etsy also had a search engine and that when I type in a product keyword in the box it generates results based off of my search query. The Etsy pages that popped-up from my search query would receive the majority of the traffic.

So naturally, I was curious… “how did Etsy determine what pages ranked higher than others?”

My next logical step was to research the top Etsy shops to see if I could find any trends.

Step 2: Research Top Performers

I wanted to do some research on the Top Etsy shops to see if I could see any correlation between how they setup their product pages. I found a website that tracks Etsy statistics.

This is exactly what I was looking for… they share results of the top 10 Etsy Shops in every category, and share how many sales each store made. I did some research from the top sellers in the “Photography” category.

One by one I clicked on each shop to research how they were labeling their pages and what keywords they were using.

The one thing that really stood out was that each of the top Etsy store pages had titles that contained keywords describing the genre of products they were selling. For example: (Paris Photography, Large Wall Art Print, Fine Art Photography, etc).

I was making the mistake of just putting the name of my artwork like “Maui Red Sand Beach.” Thus, when people searched for an item in the Etsy search bar my product page wasn’t showing up. My next question led me to the next step which was to determine what keywords I should be using for my photographs.

Step 3: Perform Keyword Research

I wanted to validate that people were actually searching for certain keywords in my niche. I used the Keyword Planner tool which is a free keyword research tool that Google provides. This tool allows you to do research to determine how many average monthly searches are conducted with certain keywords on Google. I knew that if there was a large amount of people searching for a keyword on Google that chances are they are also searching for the same words on Etsy.

I validated with Google Keyword Planner that there were about 33,100 average monthly searches for the keyword “landscape photography.” I followed this same process with other keywords and found that there were significant searches for keywords like “beach photography,” “ocean photography”, etc.

Step 4: Use Keywords in Product Descriptions

I wanted to test my theory that applying these keywords into my description like the other top Etsy Shops would get my product pages to rank higher in the Etsy search engine. I added relevant keywords to all of the photographs in my Etsy store. I had to wait patiently to see if my idea would work.

Here are the Results!

I was pleasantly surprised that my theory worked. After a few days I started to notice an increase in traffic to my Etsy Store. I continued to add more products and did the same process and after a few months I saw a dramatic difference in traffic to my Etsy shop. I went from averaging 200 views to over 10,000 visitors a month to my shop!

I’m very happy with the results and enjoying the experience using Etsy. I hope this article will also help you generate more traffic to your Etsy shop.

Want more Traffic Generation Tips?

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