How Long Does It Take to Build A Website?

green and white leafed plantsPeople who aren’t technically savvy often wonder: how long does it take to build a website? If it is not a skill that you have, you probably know next to nothing regarding what web design entails.

You might be surprised to learn that there are several ways to design a website. As technology continues to evolve, we are all seeing new bases for websites to be born from.

Website design happens in three primary ways right now. There are website builders, which are interfaces designed to make custom websites that anyone can use. There are also website themes, which are specially made designs that can be purchased and placed on top of a website builder.

Finally, there are completely custom websites that are coded from scratch. Depending on time, budget, and functionality, any one of these approaches might be right for you.

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How Long Does It Take To Build A Website In WordPress?

Building a website in WordPress can be an incredibly different process depending on what approach you decide to take. WordPress offers a few different options when it comes to designing a website using their platform. The option that you choose will ultimately determine how long you can expect it to take when it gets made. Understanding your schedule, budget, and technical skill can help you to effectively choose an option.

First Method to Build a Website in WordPress

The first method of creating a WordPress website involves the simple process of making an account and choosing a theme. There are a large variety of themes available and choosing the right one can be a process by itself. You will need to find one that looks on-brand for your business.

It should also continue to look correct when you start to fill in your information. As far as time consumption goes, adding in your content will take the most time. This will involve adding headers, titles, web content, and any other pages and can take several days.

Other Methods to Build a Website in WordPress

For those people who don’t like any existing themes, there are other options. Depending on what you choose, it can impact how long your site takes to design. One option is to buy additional premade WordPress themes, which will not impact your schedule. The big change in this timing comes with the decision to customize your theme.

WordPress gives you an option to manipulate existing themes to alter their physical appearance. You can do this using tools or even by adding in your customized code in certain areas.

This can help you take a traditional theme and make it look truly special. Depending on how much you want changed, this can take a couple of weeks to do in its entirety.

Beyond this, custom WordPress sites are also an option. This involves the process of paying someone to build you a custom WordPress compatible site or building your own. To pursue this approach, you can assume that it will take anywhere from weeks to months.

This will change depending on complexity and how quickly the individual can build it. This is an excellent approach to take if you want a unique site while still using WordPress.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website In Squarespace?

Most people have heard about SquareSpace through one of their many advertisements. They have infiltrated popular podcasts and are known to offer discount coupons for their services.

This platform offers a beautiful interface for easy website design. You can make an account and answers a few questions to let them know what you need. They will line you up with template options to match your business.

How long does it take to build a website? In SquareSpace’s world, you can have a beautiful website in less than an hour. The interface is easy to use, comes with a ton of options, and everything looks amazing.

You’ll be shocked to see how quickly you can pull a nice website together and begin adding content. Choosing a template and making the bones of the site is easy. After that, you just need to add in your written web content, and you are all done. You can build a complete website in a few hours if you give it your all.

Methods to Build a Website in SquareSpace

In the same vein of WordPress, SquareSpace allows you the option to customize existing templates. For most people, this will hardly seem necessary.

SquareSpace prides itself on attractive and well-designed website templates. If you do want to customize any features using code, you can expect that to add a few days. SquareSpace strongly advises against this approach because it might conflict with their templates.

SquareSpace also offers a developer mode for those who are more advanced at coding. This means that you can pay someone to build a site or build your own. The timing on this could vary from weeks to months, but SquareSpace allows it. You can even use this feature to turn your site into a template which you can then sell to other people.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website With Basic Features?

If you decide to skip the website builders, you can opt for a custom site instead. If you are just looking for a basic website to act as a landing page, you won’t have to wait long. A website that doesn’t have any complex functionality and is only a few pages is an easy build.

This means that a highly talented coder could make it in a mere matter of days. Basic websites are an easy alternative to website builders and can cost less.

The key to determining how long this will take lies in the effort. A basic site will automatically take less time than a complicated one. However, there are multiple ways to determine how basic a site is. If the coder wants to take time for a discovery period, this can add days or even weeks. The result is a more on-brand product that will suit your needs.

The real perk to choosing a basic website is that you can also build it yourself. Depending on your comfort level, there are plenty of resources available to help with this. You can choose to take an online course if you would like to.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube that can teach you this skillset. You can even just find step-by-step guides online. As long as you don’t need a lot of functionality, it’s a feat most anyone can accomplish. You can add a few weeks to your site design if you take this approach.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website That Is Completely Custom?

For people who want a truly custom website, the timeline extends. Custom websites that are crafted to align with a business are a different ballgame. For this approach, you will need a lot more planning and talent to get it done.

This is when it can be beneficial to work with a custom coder or branding company to get it built. They will take the time to make sure all of the bases are covered.

First Step to Building a Custom Website

The first step to creating a fully customized website is to begin a discovery phase, which takes a week or two. This project step will be when the company determines what the business need is for the site. In this phase, they will take the time to learn about what functionality the website should entail.

It will include talking with the business about their needs for the site and their brand. Branding is an important step when it comes to custom website design. You want to make sure they understand your brand identity so the site looks and acts appropriately.

Second Step to Building a Custom Website

After the discovery phase is complete, they can begin design. This will usually take one to three weeks depending on complexity. The design step of a custom website build involves creating a visual sample of the site.

These samples can also sometimes include functionality depending on where they build it. In this phase, they will show you what your site will look like. After you have given your final approval, they can jump to the development phase.

Final Step to Building a Custom Website

The development phase is where they will take their designs and build the website. Depending on your choices, this schedule varies. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

This is when the development team will bring your vision to life. After they are done, they can show you the site for review and make any changes that are needed. On average, custom sites take anywhere from two to six months.

How Long Does It Take To Build An eCommerce Site?

As far as customizations go, eCommerce sites are becoming the most common. These websites can act as a storefront for your customers to purchase from you. When you decide to run an online store, you have to consider security.

Since you will be taking online payment, that information must remain secure. You can expect this to add weeks if not months to your overall process unless you are using an existing method. Website Builders like SquareSpace offer easy eCommerce options that require no additional code.

How Long Does It Take to Build A Website?

Changes in technology allow each of us to decide what we need from a website. There are many different website types and consequently many different needs. Some people find comfort in taking on the task themselves.

Depending on how much of a perfectionist you are, this can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. This process allows you complete control and saves you on the cost of paying someone for custom work.

While some people are okay with the use of website builders, others need a little more. Templates and themes offer a viable way to get a dressed-up site for a flat rate. This process can vary in time-based on whether or not you ask for custom work.

Many beautiful themes can be purchased right now for a reasonable flat rate. Paying someone for a custom theme is still cheaper than a custom site. If you purchase an existing template, you can install it in minutes. In the event you ask for a custom alternative, the wait could be days or weeks.

Coding a completely custom website for a company is a process that takes time. It involves gathering the right information, understanding branding, and building it. Though this might not be the fastest process, it certainly offers something special.

Getting a completely custom site can help you to get the site that you want instead of what others have. Depending on complexity, this process could take a few weeks or a few months. It’s important to consider your individual needs and ask around for quotes.


There are plenty of ways to pursue getting your very own website. While you used to have to rely on it being coded, those days are in the past. Before you pursue this process, consider your needs to determine the best way to approach getting your website. In some cases, it can be helpful to start with a website builder and go from there. Using one of these is a great way to get affiliated with your preferences.

Getting your dream site doesn’t have to be a day one process. Always remember that a good site can increase sales as quickly as a bad one can lose them. For website inspiration, consider looking at other companies in your industry to get a better idea. You might find that paying for a custom website can be worth the wait and cost after all.

Would you hire someone to build your website or would you do it yourself?

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