How to Create Focal Points

green and white leafed plantsAugust 2nd, 2010

A focal point is the area or areas of an artwork that demand attention from the viewer. Most of the time, these areas are the subjects of the artwork. You can control where a viewer’s eye goes in your artwork by using a few devices to create defined focal points in your artwork. At the same time, not understanding these devices could result in emphasis placed on objects that you don’t want as the focal point. Creating good, strong focal points in your artwork can lead to stronger compositions and a more effective way of communicating through your artwork. The skill of creating focal points is really a skill that every artist should know and be able to do.

This lesson, just posted on focuses on five proven ways to create strong focal points in your artwork. Contrast, isolation, convergence, placement, and the unusual are all devices that artists can use to direct a viewer’s eye to the areas of interest and most importance in an artwork. To learn more about creating focal points in artwork and to see the video art lesson click here-> How to Create Focal Points in Artwork

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