How to Draw Hands- Draw Hands With Shapes

green and white leafed plantsMost people believe that hands are some of the hardest things to draw. NOT SO! Drawing hands, or anything else for that matter is as easy as drawing some simple shapes. I’m talking square and triangle simple. Look at your own hand. The palm of your hand is a square. The base of the thumb is a triangle. Then the fingers are just little cylinders. By changing the angle of the hand, the shapes may change a little- but they’re still there. You need only to train your eye to find the shapes that make up the structure of the hand. After you’ve drawn the shapes of the hand, draw the contour lines. Use the shapes as a guide. (Make sure your proportions are correct.) Then add value by creating the illusion of a light source on the hands that you’ve drawn. Make sure to include a full range a value when you draw those hands. The value will help define the form of the hands. Nothing drives me crazier than to see a student draw a figure drawing and hide the hands! There’s no need for that! Check out the video below and the drawings of the hands below for help. It’s not hard to draw hands! How to Draw Hands Video-

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