How to Find and Install Plugins in WordPress

green and white leafed plantsHow to Find and Install Plugins in WordPress Video Transcript:

In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how to use what we call ‘plugins’ and basically these plugins are going to be accessories or things to really make your website unique to your own. So let’s go ahead and get started. So before we begin, I’m going to share with you what exactly is a plugin and the best way I can describe it is think of your website as like what we talked about before, as like a car and we had the genesis framework that’s your engine. And we have the child theme, that is basically the exterior or the decorations of your car so it’s like the paint and the body and then boom we install all that and now we want to make it look even better.

We’re going to want to install some rims, a new steering wheel and that kind of stuff, that’s kind of what plugins are. You’re basically plugging in these new software applications to make your website unique. So let’s go ahead and get started with that. Basically in order to find plugins you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and on the left hand side there’s actually a selection where you click ‘PLUGINS’, so let’s go ahead and click on that. This is basically the page that’s going to give you a list of all the plugins that’s currently on your website.

So when you first install WordPress there’s already going to be some standard plugins that are going to be pre-installed. Like ‘Hello Dolly’, ‘Jetpack’, ‘WP Super Cache’, and some of them we need and some of them we don’t. In this case I’m going to go ahead and delete ‘Hello Dolly’ because we don’t need that one. Okay, and then we’re also going to delete ‘WP Super Cache’. And I’m also going to recommend to delete ‘Jetpack’. Now I’m not saying these plugins are not good but I’m going to recommend better ones that do the similar process and the reason why is there’s certain plugins that take up a lot of memory and they slow down your website.

So I’m very selective when it comes to which plugins I use because I want to make sure my website is running in a very quick process. I’ll explain why that is important when it comes to the search engine optimization tutorials. Okay so now that we kind of cleaned up some of these pre-installed plugins we’re going to go basically search for some new ones. In order to do that you would just go to click ‘ADD NEW’. And then it’s going to give you a search box, just kind of like a Google search engine box here. And you can basically type in anything and they’ll kind of give you some kind of results. Before we do that I want to show you some tabs on the top right here.

There’s a ‘FEATURED’ tab and these are basically some featured plugins that WordPress is currently promoting and there’s also ‘POPULAR’. I like this popular search because these are basically a list of plugins that a lot of WordPress website owners use and these might be some that you might want to consider using as well. And there’s also some ‘NEWEST’ plugins that have been added. I would be selective of trying to use some of these because they’re so new they haven’t been tested. Maybe they need to be upgraded. I would try to avoid newest sections. And there’s also ‘FAVORITES’ as well.

In this case I’m just going to show you how to do the ‘SEARCH’ here. A lot of the times you’re just going to use the ‘Search’ because you’re just going to try to search for some something. In this case, this example, I’m going to show you how to find a contact form. A contact form is when someone goes to your website and they want to fill out their name and email so they can “contact” you. The one I’d like to recommend is called ‘Contact Form 7’. So we’re going to go ahead and type in the word ‘contact form 7’ and we’re going to click ‘SEARCH PLUGINS’.

They’re going to give you a list of results that show up with contact form 7. So there’s going to be the name of the plugin, the version, and this one on top is version 3.6. The reason why this is important is the more versions there are that means the developer is constantly updating this software which is a really good thing. That’s probably why this has such a high rating at 4.5 stars. And there you go. There’s a description of what it does, what it’s all about, and who the name of the developer is. So installing plugins is really fun because there’s just so many that you can try.

Some of them work really well and others are hit and miss and so sometimes it does come down to a trial and error. I’m going to try and save you some time and frustration by giving you a list of the ones that I personally recommend and use. So we’re going to go ahead and do that. I’ve tried many contact forms, like the one I said a lot of people do recommend is Contact Form 7, and in order to install it we just simply click this ‘INSTALL NOW’ button and it’s going to ask you, “Are you sure you want to install this plugin?” you’ll want to say yes ‘OK’.

Literally within a second or two, it’s already installed, it says “Successfully installed the plugin” and all we have to do is click ‘ACTIVATE PLUGIN”. And there you go! Now it’s installed and it’s activated. That’s really the simple process of finding plugins and installing them. In a future video I’m going to show you how to use this plugin and create a contact page. Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed this quick tutorial on plugins and we’ll see you in the next video.

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