How to Get a Custom Website Logo on Fiverr

green and white leafed plantsHow to Get a Custom Website Logo on Fiverr Video Transcript:

One of the best ways you can customize the look and feel of your website is to add a custom logo. In this video I’m going to show you how you can get a custom logo for only $5! Okay so one of the first things you can do to really customize the look and feel of your website is to add a customized logo. You have a couple of options. I’m going to show you the first one which is a really cool website called Fiverr. You can create logos for only $5! So check it out, you’re going to go to and this website has all kinds of things where it’s a market place where people are willing provide services for only $5. I know it’s pretty ridiculous.

We’re going to start with the search menu and I’m just going to type in here “website logo”. Now you have all of these service providers that are willing to do a logo for you for only $5. There’s a couple of menu options that you can choose from. There’s the ‘Recommended’ from Fiverr and there’s also ‘High Rating’. You can also get an ‘Express’ gig. These are people willing to do the work in less than 24 hours. I typically like to go to the ‘High Rating’ because I want to use a service a lot of people have used and really enjoyed their service. Let’s go ahead and check the very first one and I’ll give you an idea of what to look for. You have a guy that says, “I will do your Company Website Logo for $5”.

Typically they’ll have like an ad and they have these little menu buttons and usually they’ll have examples of some of their previous work. So let’s go ahead and click on some of them and as you can see this is some of his previous work. Looks pretty cool actually. Not bad for $5! If this style of logo is what you’re looking for then maybe you know you could use them. The other thing you’ll want to look at is their rating. They have have positive rating of 99% it means that 99% of the people have voted that they’re very satisfied with this work. Obviously there’s 1700 votes. This guy looks very reliable. His turn around time is about 5 days and he has about 40 orders in the queue.

So as you can see that’s the reason why he has 5 days turn around time. He has a lot of work that’s waiting for him. If you’re looking for something that will turn around quickly maybe this might not be the person for you. Another thing you wan to do is you’ll want to make sure you read the descriptions very very carefully and make sure and understand exactly what you’re ordering. A lot of times they have other extra gigs. So for example, he says well you know what if you like my custom logo designs for $5 I can also design you a Facebook cover image for an additional $20. Or I’ll give you four different logo designs for $40.

This is just some extra gigs they want to up-sell you if you like their service. You might find someone that you really like and you’ll want to continue to work with them and these are great ways to order that. So go ahead and play around with Fiverr if you like some of their services go ahead and click the ‘ORDER’ button and then once you have that come into your inbox we’re going to show you how to install that into your WordPress website.

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