How to Live a Successful and Significant Life with Aaron T. Walker

green and white leafed plantsEp. 053 – How to Live a Successful and Significant Life with Aaron T. Walker

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Are you trying to balance having a successful business with a significant life? Do you have to choose one path or can you have both? In this episode I share veteran entrepreneur, Aaron T. Walker’s personal story of how he overcame a life changing tragedy and turned it into something meaningful. This is a powerful must listen to episode.

Episode Featured Guest: Aaron T. Walker

Aaron T. Walker is a Businessman and Life Coach. He started his first business at the age of 18 and sold it to a Fortune 500 Company nine short years later. Since then he has built and sold 8 successful companies over the past 36 years. He masterminds weekly with successful entrepreneurs like Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, and Ken Abraham. He’s been featured on Eventual Millionaire, Entrepreneur on Fire, and Dose of Leadership podcasts.

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:

How to overcome tragedy and turn it into something meaningful

The right mindset every entrepreneur should have to create significance

How you can balance business and family goals

Why masterminds groups are an essential investment

Why it’s important to give value and ask for nothing in return

How to structure your mastermind group meetings

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