How to Sell High-end Products and Services on Webinars with Steven Essa

green and white leafed plantsEp. 049 – How to Sell High-End Products & Services on Webinars with Steven Essa

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Do you want to increase your products and service sales? Are you using the power of webinars to reach a massive audience who want to buy what you have to offer? I brought in laptop millionaire, Steven Essa to share some valuable tips on how he uses webinars to create online wealth, and how he teaches others to do the same. Don’t miss this high energy, massive value episode…

Episode Featured Guest: Steven Essa

Steven Essa is internationally known as the “Make Money with Webinars Expert.” Steven has trained thousands of people to leverage the power of webinars because of their efficiency, convenience, flexibility, and ability to generate massive sales online. He was voted the #1 Speaker at the World Internet Summit for 4 years in a row!

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:

Why webinars is the most powerful platform to sell high-end products

What kinds of industries can use webinars to grow their business

What works better: Using Live or automated webinars?

How enterepreneurs can improve their info-product sales using webinars

How to use social media traffic to get more people to attend your webinars

The major difference between selling low-end and high-end products and services

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show: – Steven Essa’s Website – Free Webinar Training

Webinar Programs – Steven Essa’s Webinar Programs

Twitter – Steven on Twitter

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