How to Use Brushes- Adobe Photoshop Basics

green and white leafed plants

When most people think of Adobe Photoshop, they think of photos. Adobe Photoshop, however, is a powerful imaging program that can be used for drawing and painting.

When you are just beginning with Adobe Photoshop, and you aren’t sure what you are doing, starting out can be intimitading. It seems to me that the most logical place to start for any beginner is with the brush tool. The brush tool is the easiest tool to use to make a mark. The brush tool is also one of the most versitile tools in the tool palette. You have the ability to change the stroke, the transparency, the color, the texture and many other aspects of the mark. You can even make your own brush in Photoshop.

Mastering the brush tool is the first step to learning and mastering Adobe Photoshop

The following video illustrates how to use the brush tool in Adobe Photoshop…

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