Intro to On-page SEO

green and white leafed plantsIntro to On-page SEO Video Transcript:

Alright so in this video I’m just going to give you a brief introduction on On-Page SEO. Let’s check it out!

Okay to kind of give you a simple explanation of what on-page optimization is, it’s basically the way you format your blog page or blog post so that it’s easily seen and read by Google. Let me further explain. Here’s a blog post that I wrote about the Podcasting A to Z course from Cliff Ravenscraft and basically I had strategically structured my blog post in a way so that Google when they go through with their Google bots or web crawlers they’re basically reading this article from left to right and they’re just constantly going through the entire article and they’re reading the content and they’re trying to understand what is this blog post or page about? Think of it kind of like a librarian. A librarian would take a book and he or she would basically decide what subject is this book most related to, where should I place it in the bookshelf? And I’m going to categorize it in a way so people can find it. That’s all basically what Google does. They’re reading your blog post and they’re indexing it inside their database. To give you an example when I go to Google and I type in ‘Podcasting A to Z’ you’re going to see my website is #4 on this search engine result. Right here, this is the exact article. Now the cool thing is you can actually rank your blog post on several keywords with long tail. So in our previous video I showed you how to do some keyword research but I’m going to show you that this article is not only ranked for the keyword ‘Podcasting A to Z’ but it also is ranked for the word ‘podcasting A to Z review’. So I’m going to go ahead and type that in and you’re going to see that I am ranked #1 for ‘Podcasting A to Z review‘. So this blog post is ranked for multiple keywords if people just type in this Google search and all because of the way I structured my website. So in the next couple of videos I’m going to show you how you can do your on-page optimization that Google can easily find it. Alright let’s check it out.

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