Periscope Broddcasting for Business

green and white leafed plantsWould you like to build an authentic relationship with your audience? Try Periscope live broadcasting! I invited Casey Zeman to the show to share his experience using Periscope and his new Periscope marketing tool that will take your video marketing to the next level.

Episode Featured Guest: Casey Zeman

Casey Zeman is the bestselling author of ‘Build Your Audience with Live Video’. He is the Founder of the webinar platform “EasyWebinar” with over 6,000 customers he has figured out what works and what doesn’t. Recently he has launched a new business that provides analytics and marketing software for Periscope at Fullscope.TV. He’s also consulted for big brand companies like Harper Collins, Estee Lauder, and Dell. He’s been featured on Entrepreneur, CreativeLive, Social Media Examiner and more.

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:

How to use live broadcasts to increase engagement with your audience

Ways to grow your email list using Periscope broadcasts

Ways to grow your email list using Periscope broadcasts

How to grow a tribe of loyal fans who are anxiously waiting to hear from you

Why industry influencers love using Periscope for marketing

How to finally generate income online using videos

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show: – Casey’s podcast and blog – Casey’s analytic/marketing software – Casey’s Webinar Marketing Tool – Casey’s free training course

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