Privacy Policy highly respects the privacy of each user. We collect and record user data in accordance with the privacy policy guidelines. The user data that we record will be used to improve the service quality of the site.

The user data we collect is as follows:

  • Log files
    As with most sites, we collect log files related to IP address, date and time of visit, ISP, browser type, operating system and other related data from users.
  • E-mail
    We provide a contact form that visitors and users can use to communicate with us. Users are required to include their name and email address when filling out the form. We will use this email address for communication. The email addresses of visitors and users will not be shared with other parties, unless there are demands and requests from the legal system in force in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Cookies
    We may use cookies to improve visitor and user experience. Each user can disable cookies through the browser used by each visitor and user.

Third Party Services

The site uses third party services to improve the quality of the visitor and user experience. Third party services may include social media, advertising and other services. The privacy provisions of third party services are beyond our responsibility. The third party services we use include:

  • Web Statistics
    We use third party services to record and analyze visit data. One of the services we use is Google Analytics. It is possible that third parties collect and analyze visitor and user data. To find out the full terms of use, you can read this information.
  • Advertising
    The site uses advertising services from third parties such as Google Adsense. These third party service servers will display advertisements on our website based on user preferences. It is possible that these services use cookies that record visitor and user data. For more details, you can read the terms of the service’s privacy policy here.
  • Social media
    We use social media services to share content. Some of these social media services include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Privacy policies arising from the use of these services are subject to each service. We have no authority over the privacy policies of these social media services.

Terms of Change

We may reduce or add to the privacy policy information from time to time. All visitors and users are deemed to know and agree to all changes to the privacy policy.