Sketching a Frog – 30 Minute Drawing Exercise

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Sketch a Frog

It’s time for some more sketching practice and in this episode, we sketch a frog. If you missed the first two episodes of Gettin’ Sketchy, you can check them out here…

This new series of lessons is designed to help you develop a regular practice of sketching. A little drama is thrown in since the drawing exercise is timed (30 minutes) and the lesson is broadcast live. It’s all about having fun and improving while doing so.

We’ll first loosely define the basic shapes of the frog and then define the contour lines. From there, we’ll quickly add a bit of value and tone to complete the sketch. This approach of drawing basic shapes first can greatly improve our speed as well as accuracy.

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For this exercise, I’m working in a sketchbook by Strathmore. The paper is a small step up from regular sketch paper, consisting of 70 lb. “drawing” paper. I’m also using a mechanical pencil with 2B graphite by Staedtler. This pencil is fantastic and provides quite a bit of control and produces a variety of marks.

The photo reference for this sketch comes from, a great resource for photo references. I decided to edit this image a little. I flipped the positioning of the frog so that it faced the right and removed the color information, leaving only the black and white values. Here’s a look at the edited reference if you want to draw along…

Here’s a look at the finished sketch…

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