Tim Paige Proves that Passion and Determination Will Lead You to Online Success

green and white leafed plantsMAP 011: Tim Paige Proves that Passion and Determination Will Lead You to Online Success

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Everybody who loves baseball knows that Babe Ruth was one of the greatest home-run hitters of all time. But, did you know that he also held the record for the most career strikeouts for 29 years? Babe Ruth became a baseball Hall-of-Famer because he was fearless and he knew that he had to strikeout many times before he could hit some home-runs. In this episode Tim Paige shares with you how his passion and determination helped him overcome some major obstacles and eventually lead him to online success.

Episode Featured Guest: Tim Paige

“Tim Paige” left a 6-figure income career to pursue his passion of being in the podcast industry. He is now a full-time professional Voiceover Artist and Podcast Host. He produces intros and outros for podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, Mobile Mixed and Marketing Access Pass. He is also the host and Conversion Educator for Leadpages’ hit podcast “ConversionCast.”

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:

Why niching down may not be the right answer for your business

How doing service work can lead you to other opportunities

Why you should never give up on your first online business venture

Why raising your prices on your products and service is a good thing

How to adapt in times of business uncertainty and adversity

How to pursue your dreams and make a big impact on people’s lives

Why taking the first step is the best part of your online journey

How to make money online even with a simple looking website

How to land your next big opportunity in the online space

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Conversion Cast – Lead Pages’s Podcast Show

Love Your Leap – Tim Paige and John Lee Dumas’s Podcast

1 and 1 – Domain Provider

Bluehost – Web Hosting

Square Space – Website Builder

Paypal – Payment Processor

Fiverr – Online Services for $5

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