Todd Bergin Website Design

green and white leafed plantsPROJECT OVERVIEW

“Todd Bergin” is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and online creators get started engaging the world through the use of the internet, primarily live video. When Todd approached Marketing Access Pass to create a custom branded website, he needed a brand new website built from the ground-up. Todd already had a loyal social media fan following on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Unfortunately, he did not have a “home base” to drive traffic to and generate leads for his new live video expertise. He also needed a website that could showcase his coaching services, and his new upcoming podcast shows.”


We built the new website utilizing WordPress and mobile responsive technology. Todd had dozens of videos published on social media and podcasts on his Divorce the Workforce website. We created a new website that would allow him to display his blog, video, and podcast content. We also created sections for him to share his online shop where he can sell coaching services and online products. The new website now showcases Todd’s personal and professional background and has helped him generate more leads for his business.

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