What Color Goes With Burgundy?

green and white leafed plantsAre you curious what colors go well with Burgundy? This article lists some of the best colors that go with burgundy to create stunning color combinations.

The color burgundy is a unique shade of red that is deep, warm, and rich. This elegant color matches perfectly with a wide range of other colors. You can use it in many ways for designing and styling.

What Color Goes With Burgundy?

1. Blue

Blue and burgundy are rich hues that go well together. You can also use Navy Blue for a warmer color. Navy is a darker shade of blue that is considered neutral.

The two-color scheme is generally associated with the countryside, giving it a rustic vibe.

The 60-30-10 guideline should be used when working with these colors. Begin with a 60% neutral color, then add 30% of one color, and 10% of the second color.

2. Beige

Beige is brightened up by burgundy, making it a beautiful contrast of light and dark colors.

For interior decoration, you can have burgundy-colored walls to create depth in a space with beige-colored furniture.

You can also accent beige furnishings with burgundy items such as pillows.

3. Green

The natural depth of both green and burgundy makes them a perfect pairing. The two colors are often found in nature together.

An example of this is a red rose with green leaves. Green and burgundy is a sophisticated pair that would appear excellent in any decor.

This color scheme is usually combined in a classic and formal setting, but it can also be applied in a modern and lively setting.

To use the colors in your home, have a burgundy-colored wall and use furniture and accessories in green.

4. Pink

Pink is a versatile color that goes well with a wide range of other hues. For a simple yet beautiful pairing, use pink and burgundy.

You may easily find lots to match with burgundy in the light to medium pink spectrum.

The color pairing of burgundy and pink may be properly achieved in both fashion and home design.

Keep in mind not to use neon and hot pinks, since these colors can cause a spotlight clash.

5. Grey

Burgundy is a popular choice to match a range of grey shades. A burgundy and grey color scheme is among the classics.

For décor and wedding attire, the two colors are a favorite combination.

Burgundy adds richness and warmness to grey, making them a fantastic mix for interiors and fashion design.

For example, burgundy-colored furniture or accessories can contrast rooms that are mainly grey.

6. Gold

For a classic look, burgundy is the ideal red shade to complement gold. Both are in the warm hue category making them a great combination.

In design, use burgundy as an accent when the base color is gold.

For example, a room with gold-colored walls is contrasted with burgundy-colored chairs, rugs, or throw pillows.

7. Brown

Brown and burgundy are an excellent match. Deep red colors complement brown because of its red undertones.

When used together, they create a cozy and warm feel in interior decors or clothing.

For example, you can use burgundy-colored paint for walls and use the medium to dark wood furniture, such as mahogany.

To keep the area from seeming too heavy, add accents of light neutral colors like cream.

What Color Is Burgundy?

Burgundy is a rich, dark reddish-brown color that is created by combining red with a hint of blue and green to make a brown with undertones of purple.

This color is named after Burgundy wine in France.

Burgundy’s hex code is #800020. In an RGB color model, it comprises red = 50.2%, green = 0% and blue = 12.5%.

In a CMYK color model, it has cyan = 0%, magenta = 100%, yellow = 75% and black = 50%. Burgundy has a 345-degree hue angle, 100% saturation and 25.1% lightness.

What Does Burgundy Mean?

Burgundy represents power and strength. It has the same intensity as red, which may elicit feelings of passion and enthusiasm.

In addition, this deep red color is considered to have a more serious notion compared to red’s lighter shades, thus it is seen to lack fun and youthful vibes.

The combination of burgundy’s strong energy and serious vibes gives it a sense of great desire. Because it is a warm hue, it promotes a sense of comfort. Besides, the color seldom evokes negative feelings, as it is more quiet and introspective.

In Conclusion

Burgundy is a wonderful color for mixing and matching, as it works well with almost everything.

The colors listed are just some of the popular picks that go best with burgundy. Of course, you may still experiment with different shades and colors that suit your preference.

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