What Color Is Anthracite? About Anthracite Color

green and white leafed plantsAre you curious about what color is anthracite? Stick around as we will share the answer in this article.

Upon hearing the word anthracite, some might immediately think of a rock or even a type of mineral. They couldn’t be any more right as anthracite is considered the hardest and most formidable type of coal, dubbed as ‘hard coal’ itself.

Others may think of sleek yet glossy rocks shining, while some may associate this hue with mystery.

Though anthracite appears jet black, upon closer look it actually errs on the side of dark gray. It may also look steely and black from time to time thanks to compounds that give it its metallic luster.

Because of its somewhat confusing color nature and appearance, it can hard to pin down exactly what color anthracite is. To answer this question, this article will delve into the makings of this rock, and by extension, its color and influence today.

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What Is Anthracite?

Anthracite is considered a type of hard coal. Among the various types of coal in existence, this compound is touted as the most highly metamorphosed form of coal.

Though its presence is naturally occurring in geologically deformed locations, these minerals can also come from the presence of higher and hotter temperatures due to igneous events within the region or through high levels of geothermal gradients.

Despite this, this compound is rare and is the least abundant of all coal forms. It is normally used to power thermal stations in order to generate electricity.

Taking into consideration the hard and brittle nature of coal, some adjectives that can describe this compound are glassy, steely, and even clean. When ignited, they are known to produce little to no dust and even emit little smoke compared to other types of coals.

Many who come across this mineral instinctively associate the hue to black, near-black, or even dark gray. In fact, the common name for anthracite is coal-black.

What Color is Anthracite?

Now that you know the nature of anthracite and how it appears in its rawest form, you may now have an idea as to what color it truly is.

Because of the presence of heat, bituminous coal turns into anthracite via the process of metamorphism and the overall degradation of its structure.

When this happens, the carbon content rises, thereby turning the mineral into a darker shade.

The more the carbon content, the deeper the level of coloring in these coals and minerals.

All in all, the process of metamorphoses turns coal into anthracite, which is described as either coal-black, or a dark metallic gray hue.

It can also take on a black-dark brown hue. To recreate this hue, take black and add some specks of gunmetal gray to achieve the subtle metallic luster it is known for.

Anthracite in Art, Design, and Culture

Perhaps the best showcase of this hue in modern times is sporting goods brands using anthracite to name and describe their creations.

As a matter of fact, both leading brands Nike and Adidas have come out with their own designs with anthracite as the star of the show.

Nike has released its Black/Anthracite Air VaporMax as well as its Flyknit Trainers in Black & Anthracite. Meanwhile, Adidas has also released its NMD_R1 colorway in Anthracite/White-Black.

Besides sports, anthracite has also made waves in the fashion industry thanks to its elegant, sensual, and classic feel. In January 2020, Ralph & Russo unveiled a couture show in support of the Australian relief efforts combating the country’s wildfire crisis.

Among the stunning collection of gowns was an anthracite column dress that perfectly lived up to its metallic and shiny name with hints of sparkles throughout the design.

Even fashion mogul Marc Jacobs was not lost on the trend, sporting the hue on his digits with a custom, glitter based nail polish.

To finish the look, Jacobs complemented his nails with Swarovski crystals in black diamonds. Can you say avant-garde? No wonder he was named as the ultimate Instagram fashion influencer of 2019 by Vogue.

Meanwhile, in the world of architecture and interior design, it appears that anthracite remains a favorite. Such is the case with Italian kitchen firm, Abimis, who showcased anthracite gray against the brick surrounding the flue and range in their kitchen.

This allowed the company to create a stark yet striking contrast against the otherwise country-looking interior.

The Bottom Line

As a dark, neutral color, anthracite acts as the perfect base – or main attraction – to just about everything. From homes to art to fashion, this mysterious and elegant color shows that it knows no bounds.

I hope you enjoyed our article about the color anthracite.

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