What Color Is Stone? About Stone Color

green and white leafed plantsAre you curious about what color is stone? This article will share details about the stone color and how it is implemented in art and design.

Gray has the rare ability to be both commanding and demure at the same time. It’s a hue that stands out, is subdued, cautious, and conscientious, is accurate, and is unflinching in its honesty.

But did you know that gray has a shade that makes it more calming and subtle? Stone. Let’s find out more about it here!

What Color Is Stone

Saturated gray with a brown sugar greige undertone, stone color looks like gingerbread. It’s the exact shade of beige for a classy living room.

Of all the neutral colors that are now popular, stone color is one that we’ve seen in nearly every home we’ve ever looked at. It’s a word you’ll see a lot of in old writing.

You may wonder if the stone hue belongs to the gray or beige family. According to studies, stone’s hue is a mix of both light and dark neutrals.

It’s clearly beige, but you may see light gray in there since it’s neutral and a pretty adaptable hue. It’s definitely beige.

Saturated gray clay beige with khaki undertones, stone has a gray undertone. It’s the ideal study paint hue.

The hexadecimal color code for stone gray is #918E85, while the RGB color model is RGB (145, 142, 133).

The color has a hue of 45°, a saturation of 8%, and a brightness of 57% according to the HSB/HSV model. S

tone Gray has the CMYK values of C:0 M:2 Y:8 K:43.

Using Stone Color in Interior Design

Revamping your living room, but don’t know where to start? Let this article help you! Start by picking a nice stone gray color and then match it with anything!

First, you can combine stone gray and green together to get a fresh ambiance.

Imagine, tropical leaves and pineapples in a stone and white interior make a splash upon an exposed brick wall, two stone gray ottomans, and two Scandinavian nesting coffee tables built to match.

Draw the idea in your mind. Don’t you think it is a great match for a living room? Indeed!

However, if you just want to have a simple yet very functional-looking living area, then pick a stone gray color for your lounge. Try to picture a slick concrete feature wall with a black and gray furniture combination. That’s too elegant to handle, isn’t it?

If you’re a fan of wooden interiors, then the mismatch of stone gray and wood color for your interior will surely satisfy you.

The Stone Gray Color Palettes

Hex color code #858891 for Roman Silver goes well with Stone Gray color. Shades that oppose one other on the color spectrum are complementary.

As a result, in the RGB color space, the best alternative to #918E85 is #858891.

Complementary color schemes are the simplest to use. According to research, the greatest method to get an audience’s eye is with a stark contrast in the color palette.

Philippine Gray (#8E9185) and Taupe Gray (#918885) are close matches for the hue Stone Gray (#918E85).

These two similar hues lay 30 degrees apart to the right and left of Stone Gray on the RGB color wheel.

If your primary hue is soft or pastel, consider using an analogous color palette that is incredibly calming to the eyes.

On the RGB color wheel, #858E91 (Roman Silver) and #888591 are split-complementary hues of Stone Gray (#918E85).

With a split-complementary color scheme, the primary color pairs with complementary colors on either side (30°) of it.

A growing trend in graphics and website design is to use split-complementary palettes. You can see this in our study as well. The reason for this might be that the complementary color palette is more eye-pleasing since it contains colors that are less clashing.

Of the RGB color wheel, the three hues in the Stone Gray triadic color palette are 120° away from one another.

As a result, when combined with #918E85, the colors #85918E or Philippine Gray and #8E8591 or Taupe Gray produce a magnificent and attractive triadic palette with the most variety in hue.

There are four hues in Stone Gray’s tetradic palette: #85918E (Philippine Gray), #858891 (Roman Silver), and #918588 (Taupe Gray), as well as the base color (#918E85).

A tetradic color scheme is difficult to use out of the box and is best left to the professionals. To get the best results, try making minor adjustments to the colors.

Dolphin Gray (#859188), Roman Silver (#858891), and #91858E (Taupe Gray) make up the Stone Gray square color scheme.

The colors of a square palette are at a maximum distance of 90 degrees from one another, similar to a triadic palette.


All shades of gray communicate a void of movement and warmth. The stone color, on the other hand, blends in a bit of beige, making it completely complementary to any other color, such as gold, black, and even yellow!

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