What’s your favorite brand of drawing pencils?

green and white leafed plantsmy favorites are tombow mono…although the staedtler mars lumograph is a close second! i tried a bunch of different ones, including derwent, prismacolor, kimberly, reeves & the grafwood caran d’ache, but for me none of them compared to the evenness of the tombow pencils & the fact that i haven’t had any problems with them having shards in them…i love them!derwents seem to hold a sharpened point a little better than the tombows, but i didn’t like how i was always having a problem with wood shards… the grafwoods were smooth, but they didn’t hold a point AT ALL! they’re almost like crayon because they’re so soft… i do really like staedtler’s mars lumograph pencils almost as much as the tombows, though…they’re a little harder, so the darks don’t seem to get quite as dark until you get past 2b, but they seem to hold a sharper point. they’re my 2nd choice go-to pencili actually did a review on pencils for another forum & i took a picture of gradations that i did with all of the above pencils – i’ll dig it up & post it here so everyone can see what each pencil looks like!

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