WordPress Training Guide A Step-By-Step Blog Blueprint

green and white leafed plantsWordPress Training Guide A Step-By-Step Blog Blueprint

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“WordPress Training” starts here as I provide you a WordPress Training Guide a Step-By-Step Blog Blueprint. Creating a WordPress blog is one of the first things to starting an online business.

You need to provide a “home-base” website or blog for your customers to visit. A WordPress website is essentially your virtual store. People want to come to your website to learn more about you and your business and more importantly how you can help them achieve their goals.

WordPress is one of the most popular blog platforms in the world. Over 60 million people around the world use WordPress. There are over 29,356 plugins available in the WordPress directory and the list keeps growing. I created a list some of the benefits of having a WordPress website below.

Benefits of Having a WordPress Website

1. Your Website is Always Open – Traditional brick and mortar businesses have certain hours of operation. They may close during nights, weekends or holidays. But a WordPress website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is constantly working for you even if you’re not logged on.

2. No Geographic Barrier – A website has no geographic limitations. Your website can be found by someone on the other side of the world and they can view your website, content, pictures, videos, products and services on their computers.

3. Very Inexpensive to Start – A WordPress website could cost you less than $20 to start. It could cost you about $10 for a domain name, and $8 for web hosting. Within an hour you could have a virtual store that is ready to start publishing content.

4. Be Found on Search Engines – Your website content can be readily found on search engines like Google. This could give you thousands of free visitors to your website everyday. Thus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to advertise your business.

5. Freedom and Mobility – Your website can be maintained from anywhere. As long as you have a computer device, and an internet connection you are good to go. You can access your WordPress website via mobile phone, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

6. Thousands of Themes – WordPress websites are very easy to customize. There are over 2,037 free themes available in the WordPress theme directory. You can also purchase premium themes to give a professional look.

7. Highly Customizable – You can customize your WordPress website with Plugins. WordPress has over 29,363 plugins in their directory. There are also other premium plugins that available on the web.

You’re probably thinking, “this is a great list of reasons why… but how do I begin?” To help you get started off on the right foot… I created a collection of my best WordPress Training articles designed with the beginner in mind.

WordPress Training Articles

How to Make Money Online with WordPress:

There are a variety of ways you can use websites to create an online business. I created a list of some types of websites you could create using WordPress.

Blog Website – A blog website can be monetized with creating and selling an Ebook or having Google Adsense ads on your blog. Some websites generate thousands of dollars just by driving traffic to their website and having people click on the ad banners.

Review website – You can have a website that does reviews on products like electronics, shoes, workout videos etc. You can earn affiliate commissions from doing reviews and recommending the products that rate well.

Podcast host website – Having a website to host your podcast show notes is great for listeners to get the highlights of your episode. Podcasting has been a hot niche which people are capitalizing with getting advertisement sponsors for each episode.

E-commerce website – You can sell retail products like t-shirts, electronics, make-up, cameras, etc. An e-commerce site is great because it reduces your overhead of having a brick and mortar store. You can use that cost savings and provide it to your customer so they can purchase products for less without hurting your profit margin.

Service Provider website – If you have a specialty service then WordPress websites are a great way to advertise your work and skills. An example of some online services are web designers, SEO consultants, graphic artists, virtual assistant, etc.

Photo gallery website – You can showcase your images and photo galleries to have clients preview your work. Photographers can be very creative in their website layout to highlight some of their best work. You can provide all the answers about your service to your potential customers on your website.

Info-product website – Digital information products like video training tutorials, ebooks, digital reports, etc are great to sell on websites. They can be downloaded upon purchase straight from your website.

Directory website – Offering a place for people to submit their company information is also a great income stream. Some directory websites charge a one-time fee to get permission to submit their information in the directory.

Forum website – People are willing to pay to be part of a community. Forums are great way to host a community of like-minded individuals. People can ask questions and get answers from the forum.

Classified Ads website – Create a space where people can solicit their goods or services. Craigslist is a great example of a classified ads website. You can charge someone a small fee to post in the classified ad.

Membership website – You can create a residual income by hosting a membership site. People like to get access to exclusive content or be part of a private community. A membership website is a great way to offer this type of product or service.

Video Blog website – Start your own reality show by creating a video blog. With the popularity of YouTube and NetFlix streaming video is very popular online. You can create a video blog and also run ads to create some passive income.

As you can see there are numerous ways you can start an online business with a WordPress website. I will continue to add more helpful WordPress training articles in this WordPress Training Guide A Step-By-Step Blog Blueprint to help you start a website.

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