Yellow and Purple Mixed! What Color Does Purple and Yellow Make

green and white leafed plantsExperimenting with colors is one of the most exciting things about working in an artistic field. Whether you are a painter, digital artist or makeup artist, exploring what your medium is capable of is not only fun but also a necessary thing to do.

The more you explore what’s possible when mixing colors, the more you will improve your craft. So, if you work with colors in the form of paint, light or makeup, it is important to know what hues you will get when you start mixing them together.

In this article, you will learn what color purple and yellow make when mixed together.

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Basic Color Combination

One of the most essential things you should learn when you work with hues are color combinations. To find out what you will get when you blend yellow and purple, let’s start with a review of the color wheel.

You might remember that the color wheel is made up of primary, secondary and tertiary hues. When mixed together, two primaries will give you a secondary hue.

For example in the chart below. When you mix red and yellow together you get orange. And when you mix blue and yellow together you get green.

Now, when you add another primary to this combination, you will get a tertiary hue.

Before we proceed, you might want to know that aside from primary, secondary and tertiary hues, there are many other ways to group colors that will help us determine what happens when mixing yellow and purple.

One of these groups is complementary colors. These are hues that go well with each other, hence the name. The most common pairs of complementary colors are blue and orange, red and green and finally, yellow and purple.

These pairs complement each other because they make each other pop. The reason for this is that one is warm and the other is cool.

The most important thing to know about complementary colors is that while a pair can result in an aesthetically pleasing combination, mixing the two together will result in a more neutralized color.

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What Color Does Purple and Yellow Make

So, what do you get when you blend together purple and yellow? The answer is brown.

Let’s say you are in need of brown and you do not have purple on hand, but you have red, blue and yellow. You can easily create purple by combining red with blue.

After you get the right blend, simply add in yellow and you are good to go.

If you are having trouble remembering the result of mixing purple and yellow, keep in mind that these two colors contain the three primaries. And when you mix red, blue and yellow, you are bound to get a version of brown.

What You Can Do With This Combination

Brown is an earthy color, which makes it a significant component if you primarily paint nature scapes. Many animals also have a version of brown in their coats or hides.

Aside from natural and organic paintings, you might also want to use this color for its symbolism. When doing so, remember that it is strongly associated with hospitality, protection, and nurturing.

Remember, nature is known for welcoming, caring for, and fostering other living things, including humans. So, when you want to paint a scene that exudes comfort, loyalty, and stability, then brown is a great choice.

Moreover, you can use this hue to create a sense of sophistication and elegance, yet it also shows practicality. The dynamic meaning of this color will give your painting depth in terms of message and idea.

However, if you want to make your work much more valuable in terms of aesthetic and color, you might want to add other hues. Now, many colors go well with browns depending on the shade.

For example, a deeper and darker version of the color will be complemented by whites and yellows. Meanwhile, a lighter tint will look great with fuchsia and blues.

To create different versions of brown, simply add in white to get a lighter tint. Throwing black into the mix will give you a dark shade, while adding gray will result in a slightly lighter tone.


Color mixing is a great way to make your work more dynamic. Now that you know what hue you will get when you mix in yellow and purple, you can mix your colors without hesitation.

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